Simple Way | simple meditation

Simple Way living is the practice of simple way, combined with meditation practice and living simply striving and experiencing of life beautifully and meaningfully wherever each of all may be in whichever struggle while remaining cognizant of the ‘oneness’ of all;

Simple Way (SW) is a way to make your complex life simplified and live happily. As every life is a unique journey. Simple Way provides tools and techniques for adoption by everyone as each life is unique, and every journey, different.

Imagine the world is an ocean and you are a boat in it – Simple Way can teach you to navigate your boat but it is you who has to ride the storm or have a smooth sail depending on the weather in your part of the ocean. SW can teach you to swim, but it is you who must swim against or towards the current, depending on the water in your sea. SW teaches Not to see life in terms of success or failure, as it would depend on how you define ‘success’. Rather, ‘simple way’ teaches how to attain happiness, fulfillment, and liberation of consciousness from bodily ego, decluttering life from the unnecessary’.

The Simple Way is prescribed by Sarvamaya, who has experienced unity with the Consciousness of the Universe,  for seekers of fulfilment and self-realization in life.